December 2014 Newsletter

Happy Holidays

Happy New Year


 Well, it is mid December and I am just remembering to write this newsletter. Life is a busy experience. I am so grateful for all that I have to do in this world of ours.


  I want to remind y'all that 2015 is going to be dedicated to bringing Studio 1380 into existence. The building is absolutely beautiful inside and outside. We are so proud of everything that has been done to accomplish this, including every single person who put in time and energy to help us get it together. There are too many to list here but y'all know who you are to Thank You from the hart. 


 I shall be putting the 2015 experiential calendar into place this month. In January I shall list everything we will be doing on the calendar. We will start in March so you will have plenty of time to set your schedules to participate if you'd like. We will offer special 24 hour intensives just for the community, starting 6 pm Friday and going until 6 pm Saturday. The cost will be $325 and you will get 15 contact hours that are NAADAC approved.


     One Pulse


Substance Abuse Treatment

   We are considered an integrative care treatment provider. We offer specialized interventions for Co-Occurring Disorders, drug free pain management and specialty groups to address disorders. We offer acupuncture detoxification, a steam room, massage, and chiropractic appointments to everyone who participates in our treatment mileu and refer those who need it to the community detox program. We have a gym with overseer who is a licensed massage therapist and certified personal trainer.



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