November 2015 Newsletter


Happy T-Day


 We have Mask Making November 20 & 21. The cost is $225. If you haven't experienced iq reserve your space because it is limited. Mask Making is fun and exciting while it is also a deeply spiritual experience.

  S80 is coming along. This is slow going because of funding. If you want to donate to Healing Hearts Foundation to bring it into being let me know. Every donation will go toward bringing this into being. I'm setting up a PayPal account for donations to a 501(c)(3). Your contributions will be tax deductible. 


Peace, Jane 




Image innerquest is a unique process based on The ESP Model. The Emotional-Spiritual-Physical Model utilizes a dynamic approach to healing that was developed so individuals may move to a different level in consciousness when provided the tools to do so. innerquest was designed as a means of offering those deeper reflective experiences with practitioners who have expertise along with personal experience to assist participants in achieving a new dimension in healing. If you are seeking deeper meaning and purpose in your life continue reading...



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