September 2015 Newsletter


Happy Labor Day



 We have begun the process of identifying the technical equipment we need to get Studio up and running. It is an exciting project. We will want to sound proof the isolation rooms, separate the video room from the audio room by creating a video control room. We will loose the massage room but we will gain a spacious and beautiful break-out room for relaxation and co-creating. The Project Manager is Michelle Lehman. She really knows what we need and the people who can bring it together. It has been very exciting to talk with her and take a back seat for a change. Oh happy day.


 Remember that we have the Creation Chrysalis September 18 & 19. The cost is $325 but for that you get to spend the night in the iq house and eat delicious food while staying in the sacred container to do your deeper work. If you haven't experienced iq reserve your space now because it is limited. Creation Chrysalis will help you to identify physical reservoirs throughout your body where you store your emotions through conscious movement. It's a process that everyone could benefit from. We are getting a new sound system for the back room at The HART Center so get ready!!!


Peace, Jane 




Image innerquest is a unique process based on The ESP Model. The Emotional-Spiritual-Physical Model utilizes a dynamic approach to healing that was developed so individuals may move to a different level in consciousness when provided the tools to do so. innerquest was designed as a means of offering those deeper reflective experiences with practitioners who have expertise along with personal experience to assist participants in achieving a new dimension in healing. If you are seeking deeper meaning and purpose in your life continue reading...



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