Nuestra Misión

The HART Center commits to provide a safe setting and quality care to those who seek to move into a wellness-based lifestyle so they may find intellectual emotional spiritual physical balance with love for the greatest benefit to All.

The HART Center strives to teach new heights of excellence through continued education, training, and certification in The Heart Way and other modalities, such as The LifeLine Technique and Vibrational Healing. These elements will enhance the experience of personal transformation.

As a licensed non-residential treatment and mental health facility, our commitment is to offer direct observation, assessment, and services to those afflicted with mental health, substance abuse, and/or Co-Occurring Disorders. The HART Center works closely with the Criminal Justice System to provide cutting edge care to those who are involved in legal difficulties. Our primary objective in this area is to initiate change in the Criminal Justice System by closing to door to recidivism and transforming our community.