Artes Curativos

We offer a variety of opportunities for transformative experiences as you connect with your younger self, release old patterns, , and explore inner spiritual dimensions which can provide divine guidance and meaning in your life.  Our gift is to provide specific processes, techniques, and events to inspire and nurture transformation in the lives of those who participate.  If you are seeking community or need support for going further on your sacred journey, learn more about how we can provide a sanctuary for changing your life by reading more about which services best fit your desires.


Come and join us as we help you with individualized support from skilled professionals who will utilize specific techniques and skills to help accelerate your healing process.  We will assist you in finding your way as you continue your journey in self-discovery and transformation.


Our treatment milieu offers additional support and care for those desiring transformation.  We offer options and support for those struggling with attachments or addictive patterns.


We offer on-site and outreach for working with your team.  We will assist you as you identify and overcome barriers to success. We can help you move your company into a wellness-based focus through offering meditation and other techniques.