Come along and work with skilled professionals and allow us to support you with very individualized care. We will utilize specific techniques and skills to accelerate your healing experience.  We will help you understand your innate need to find intellectual spiritual physical balance. We will help you identify how you can bring balance into your life. You will discover new meaning and purpose as you continue your journey of self discovery and transformation.


Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services

As a licensed substance abuse and mental health clinic, The HART Center assesses and makes recommendations to people regarding their needs. If you have a physician we will work closely with them and our Medical Director to assure that your receive the appropriate medication. We are thoroughly trained in all aspects of Co-Occurring care. We have trauma specialists trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. We are astute case managers who assist consumers with coordination of services.

The Healing Will of Intention

The  Healing Will of Intention is a unique method for discovering intellectual emotional spiritual physical imbalances. It utilizes the Lakota Medicine Wheel, a Hecate Labyrinth, the Four Life Cycles, and other incredible methods to help assess the issues that arise as for us as Spiritual Beings learning the Human Experience. The Healing Wheel of Intention is a walking meditation carries an individual to the exact point of imprint and helps them recognize where their truth was diminished.

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Trabajo de Liberación

Release Work is a process that helps an individual recognize and change their automatic response system. It requires you to become conscious of moments in history when a choice was made to set aside your truth and take on the desires of others which created particular behaviors in you. The Healing Will of Intention is one of the tools that helps you identify those imprints. Release Work allows you to become conscious of how to re-instate your initial desire.

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Consejería Individual

We offer individual counseling sessions to provide individualized support and attention to assist in your transformational process.

Consejería Familiar

We provide family sessions to assist in removing barriers blocking healthy dynamics that supports each family member’s individuation.

Consejería de Pareja

Allow us to work with you to improve communication and release patterns that no longer are healthy in your relationships. Become conscious of who is in the room during your interactions.

Trauma Processing

Trauma Processing utilizes various experiential techniques such as the Healing Will of Intention, Lifestyle Shaping, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to address Post Traumatic Stress Disorder stemming from deep issues that arise as an individual begins to go clear as healing occurs. Trauma work helps participants recognize the way that the past effects the present.

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Manejo del dolor sin drogas

Drug Free Pain management helps an individual learn to cope with chronic pain without the use of drugs. The methods for this process include relaxation, music meditation, guided imagery, and conscious movement.

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