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     The term treatment covers a wide variety of services at The HART Center. We are a licensed non-residential facility that offers substance abuse treatment for individuals, groups and families as well as interventions. We are also a licensed Mental health Clinic offering a wide variety of approaches to mental health disorders. The founders are Level Two EMDR Practitioners who deal with trauma. We have, combined, over 50 years of experience in the field of addictions and have trained with some of the most credible people in the field. 

     We teach that getting involved at an emotional-spiritual-physical level brings up issues that keep one locked into old beliefs and old patterns of self-defeating behaviors. Therefore, we offer experiential processes such as Heart Work, Heart Dance, and Spirit Dance to help folks get to the core of their issues for deeper healing. We offer three-day intensives that provides a sacred container for moving even more deeply into recovery at the emotional spiritual physical levels.

Mission Statement PDF Print E-mail

     The HART Center commits to provide a safe setting and quality care to those who seek to move into a wellness based lifestyle so they may find emotional spiritual physical balance with love for the greatest benefit to All.

Vision Statement PDF Print E-mail

     It is our vision to offer state of the art evidence-based services to those who choose to heal as they discover, uncover, and recover those parts of self that have been lost during a lifetime of experience. It is our vision to provide a safe setting for any who are ready to explore the secrets of a lifetime that have kept them locked into unhealthy patterns of behavior. 


InnerQuest PDF Print E-mail

Image innerquest is a unique process based on The IESP Model. The Intellectual-Emotional-Spiritual-Physical Model utilizes a dynamic approach to healing that was developed so individuals may move to a different level in consciousness when provided the tools to do so. innerquest was designed as a means of offering those deeper reflective experiences with practitioners who have expertise along with personal experience to assist participants in achieving a new dimension in healing. If you are seeking deeper meaning and purpose in your life continue reading...

Substance Abuse Treatment PDF Print E-mail

   We are considered an integrative care treatment provider. We offer specialized interventions for Co-Occurring Disorders, drug free pain management and specialty groups to address disorders. We offer acupuncture detoxification, a steam room, massage, and chiropractic appointments to everyone who participates in our treatment mileu and refer those who need it to the community detox program. We have a gym with overseer who is a licensed massage therapist and certified personal trainer.

Auricular Acupuncture Detoxification PDF Print E-mail
     Auricular Acupuncture provides a method for detoxifiying the body from toxic substances.  Five needles are inserted into specific points in each ear while the participant sits quietly for about 45 minutes. A sense of relaxation and calm  eases into the body, mind, and spirit as symptoms of withdrawal are lessened making recovery a more attainable goal.
Parenting Class PDF Print E-mail

We offer an 8 to 12 week group that offers education and support with parenting.  Parents learn new skills for relating and nurturing their children while identifying how they may have been imprinted by their family of origin as they break the cycle of unhealthy parenting behavior.

Women Services PDF Print E-mail
  The HART Center understands the unique experience of women afflicted with substance abuse issues or co-occurring disorders that are pregnant and/or have dependent children. The Women's Program at The HART Center incorporates treatment that targets the numerous issues that arise, helping women sustain their recovery and wellness and begin to shape a lifestyle that builds upon their strengths, resilience, and responsibility for their family.  
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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

     EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a therapeutic technique targeting specific feelings or past traumatic experiences.  The eye movements are utilized to desensitize the emotional charge and the physiological responses people experience from the memory of traumatic experiences.



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