Studio 1380

Studio 1380 reconstruction is completed. It houses separate video and audio recording studios within the same building. It also houses a green room for breakout sessions, a full kitchen, and a gym. They are beautiful venues.

The video studio has its own control room , a huge light grid with some lights installed as well as a track that goes around 3 walls of the huge room for hanging scrims.

The audio studio has a large control room and 3 isolation rooms. The floor is raised. There is enough electricity to run everything simultaneously.

Ideally, people who want to record will be able to stay in the innerquest house that is located directly in front of Studio 1380, but still a separate living quarter for those who choose to stay over as they record.

We are in the process of determining the equipment for each studio. Optimally we would like to set up the video studio first so we can make a documentary about how to build a venue of this kind to serve clients who otherwise would never be able to go inside a studio to record.